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About us

Who are we and who are the Bumbush?

Once upon a time, there was a tiny craft workshop. We created lots of things. As time went on, we recognized that among these creatures there are some sewed figures more animated then others: they evolved into distinct personalities and they gained relations with each other. They are the bumbush. Then, an idea came to our minds: how it would be great to write their stories. And – thanks to fortune – we have a dear friend, the writer L. Molnár Edit, who accepted this task.

“Sad dawn came to the residents of the night-blue cork-tree.

No one knows the whereabouts of the night-blue cork-tree. Even don't the ones who live on it. Though there are lots of inhabitants, small ones and big ones, round ones and angled ones, brown ones and purple ones. Tidy houses line up among the branches of the night-blue cork-tree. Whoever finds it, stays here forever. Because time goes by slowly here, the world doesn't run and the air smells like orange-flower.” - starts the tale of the night-blue cork-tree.

The small stories of the night-blue cork-tree are born continuously and we aim to fill a storybook with them. Soon, you can buy the tales together with the sewed creatures or also separated.

Until that, browse the webshop of BUMBUSH design, get to know the residents of the night-blue cork-tree: Bodza, the giddy witch; Bonifác, the grumpy cat; Bódog, the melancholic king; Blanka, the mute bride; or the tree rabbits and the corkwoods who are present everywhere on the night-blue cork-tree.

Attention: at this moment you can order from the webshop of BUMBUSH design only from Hungary, and you can only pay by HUF. If you would like to order from abroad, or pay by any other currency, please contact us via e-mail (info@bumbushdesign.com) or by our contact form. Because of the high prices of delivery, we only deliver to abroad in case of orders upper the threshold of 25.000 HUF (or about 80 euros). In unique cases, after preliminary agreement we can make a personal deal. So if you would like to order don't hesitate to contact us.

If you intend to be the reseller of BUMBUSH design, we are looking forward your inquiry and introduction by our contact form or by e-mail (info@bumbushdesign.com).